Payroll taxes level 4

Educational attainment: Similar to level 4 (secondary vocational education)
Exam type: Online

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Description Exam

Every company that employs staff submits a payroll tax return and pays payroll taxes. Think, for example, of wage tax, employee insurance premiums and income-related contribution to the Health Insurance Act. Do you want to specialize in the payroll administration of a (medium) large organization? With the Payroll Taxes level 4 certificate in your pocket, you have all the knowledge you need to be able to carry out this important part of payroll administration.

Growing further?

Together with the Employment Law & Social Security level 4 and Personnel, Organization & Communication level 4 certificates, this certificate provides you with the Practical Diploma in Payroll Administration (PDL®). This allows you to independently carry out payroll administration.

Practical information

    Preliminary education
    Exam dates and location
    Registration deadlines & exam call
    Permitted tools
    Procedures & Rules
    Important exam information
    Success rates
Preliminary education

No specific previous education is required for this exam.

Exam dates and location

Date: Every working day

Locations: 18 locations

Online exams are taken throughout the year. You can take an online exam every working day in a test center. During your registration you choose an exam date, time and location.


View information about the costs for this exam here. Is your trainer exempt form VAT? Then you do not pay VAT on the exam. See the payment page for more information.

Registration deadlines & exam call

Registration period

You can take the exam online every working day. That is why there is no registration period for online exams.

Exam call

You will receive the call for online exams by e-mail immediately after your registration. You can show your exam call on your phone or tablet at the test location. Of course it is also allowed to print your call and show it on paper.

Permitted tools

Do you want to know which tools you can use as standard during an Associatie exam? Then look at the Procedures & Rules page.

In addition, you may use the following tools for the Payroll Taxes level 4 exam:

  • De Kleine Gids van de Nederlandse sociale zekerheid
  • De Kleine Gids voor het Nederlandse Arbeidsrecht
  • Handbook Payroll Taxes 2023 (Handboek Loonheffingen)
    • The downloaded version of the Dutch Tax Office is not allowed
    • The English version of the Handbook with the Associatie logo can be purchased via the Phileas80 website.
      At this moment, it is not yet possible to print a copy of the online book and take it to the exam.
  • Glossary


  • The above permitted resources may not contain annotations, comments and/or case law. You may shade, underline and insert texts. In addition, it is permitted to describe these tabs or yellows with only the title of the following law. Notes are of course not allowed.
  • The following applies to all resources: you may use a version of the current year or the previous year. Please note, in February we update our exams, from that moment it is possible to use the resources of the current year. During the correction, the version you are using is taken into account.
Procedures & Rules

Are you going to take an exam? See the Procedures & Rules page. That way you know exactly where you stand. On this page you will find an overview of the most important procedures and an explanation about applying for exam products such as an exemption or inspection.


No particularities.

Important exam information
  • The online Payroll Taxes level 4 exam consists of 24 open and closed questions and lasts 2 hours.
  • Legislative changes are incorporated in the exam from 6 months after implementation.
  • Do you want to practice with the exam software and the different question types that can appear in the exam? The demo exam is not yet available. 
  • For more information about the validity period of the certificates, click here.

This version will be used for the exam. The most recent version of het Handboek Loonheffingen can be downloaded from the website of the Dutch Tax Office.

You can download the sample exam of the Payroll Taxes level 4 exam for free in your account.

Success rates

Information about the succes rates are not yet available.


I need extra time during my exam. How do I request this?

Do you have a disability? Then you can request an extension of the exam time or a possible adjustment. During your registration in our webshop, you will be asked whether you need an exam time extension or other aids. You tick this. As proof, we ask you to upload a doctor’s or dyslexia statement. Are you of foreign descent? Then you can apply if you have lived in the Netherlands for less than five years. Upload an extract from BRP or other official document that states when you live in the Netherlands.

After application, your registration is not yet final. If your preferred date is no longer available, our Customer Service will contact you to agree the final date, location and time. If your statement is not sufficient, we will also contact you. It is not possible to request an adjustment after registration.

Is it possible to reschedule an exam date?

You can rebook an online exam up to 7 days before the exam date. An administration fee is associated with a rebooking. You can rebook your exam yourself via your account on the website.

Can the invoice be sent to my employer or put in my employer's name?

The invoice is always sent to you and issued in your name. It is not possible to have the invoice transferred to another name. If you wish, you can submit your invoice as a declaration to your employer.

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